Brass Claddagh Mirror

Brass Claddagh Mirror

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Product Details

  • Our Brass Claddagh Mirror is extremely versatile and can be used as gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any special occasions.
  • The Brass Claddagh Mirror which is unique Celtic design is a wonderful art addition to every room of your home.
  • We set the Claddagh to a plethora of interwoven mirrors to come up with a superb backdrop to your home.
  • Our Brass Claddagh Mirror features a striking gold plated finish and multiple emblems which symbolize the Celtic commitment and camaraderie.
  • It is substantially packaged in a box to keep it in pristine condition and protected during the time of shipping.
Based on swirling and lovely Celtic Art designs from 100 B.C., our Brass Claddagh Mirror flaunts a nice and solid brass Claddagh that is magnified with embossed accenting. The mirror which weighs approximately 2.8 pounds also comes with two sturdy chains which make it a perfect accessory to be floated into anyone’s home.

In addition to its eye-catching design, our Brass Claddagh Mirror is also handcrafted by artists who have put great attention to detail to come up with a piece that reflects anyone’s Irish roots and traditions. It is also made of top-class stainless steel with a gold plated finish which makes it an exquisite fusion of style and durability.

Making the Brass Claddagh Mirror a class above the rest is its brilliant composition which primarily represents friendship and loyalty. Our artists here at Keilys Irish Dance & Gifts took a great amount of time to perfect the traditional hand and crown amulets and come up with a classic Claddagh motif design.

Our Brass Claddagh Mirror which inspired by the old Irish Legend “Claddagh” is made of a high-quality beveled mirror that has been assessed and evaluated by some of the industry’s revered experts. In fact, our team has worked conjointly with chemical experts to make sure that the gashes of mirrors that was used for our Brass Claddagh Mirror has a top-class and thick coating of silvering.

After the mirrors have passed the quality assessment tests, our artists subsequently cut the looking glass in precise pieces to fit in the sturdy architecture of the Claddagh. This is our way of ensuring that we only deliver products that will not only display authenticity but will also last for a long time. Our Brass Claddagh Mirror also comes with a Claddagh history card and freebies from Keilys Irish Dance & Gifts.
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