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Love this broach, bought one for myself and my sister, really great for dressing up a sweater or jacket.

Product Details

  • Our Claddagh brooch is made from fine vitreous enamel which means the colors will stay vivid for a very long time.
  • This gorgeous enamel brooch would go well with any outfit because the hues on the brooch are simple yet elegant.
  • The Claddagh design symbolizes significant virtues (love, loyalty, and friendship), which makes this piece of jewelry even more meaningful as a gift and keepsake.
  • This stunning brooch is unmistakably Irish, perfect for those who collect and appreciate nationalistic adornments.
  • The charming and familiar design would impress any lady.
Our Enamel Claddagh Brooch is the perfect choice for those who value modest elegance and love for traditional Irish designs.

The well-known symbol, which features the hands, heart, and crown, represent virtues - namely love, loyalty, and friendship.

Examined more closely, one would see that the design is actually quite striking. The contrasts between the red, green, and white, show the intricacies of how carefully it was crafted.

Accessorizing is very personal and it should reflect oneís identity. Putting on or gifting our Enamel Claddagh Brooch would do just that. It would go perfectly with any top and one could use it as a scarf clasp. It is a simple way to spruce up any outfit with a distinctive Irish flair.

Taken from the Claddagh Ring, this design originates from an old fishing village with the same name that is nestled right where Galway Bay joins River Corrib. It has been circulating among the Irish way back for as long as in the 1700s. Anyone can recognize it and itís a classic beauty for a reason.

Legend has it that a silversmith named Richard Joyce came up with this very design in captivity under Algerian Corsairs where he learned the craft from a skilled goldsmith. When he was released many years after, he gave the ring that he had fashioned to his lady.

When it gained popularity, patriotic fellows started giving Claddagh Rings to their sweethearts as engagement or wedding rings for many generations. To keep with this tradition, it would be lovely to give this brooch to those who would find joy in this familiar emblem.

The popularity of this design doesnít seem to be fading any time soon. A symbol that is as iconic as this is considered timeless.

So, if you are looking for something that holds a lot of meaning but is also very stylish, then this brooch would be the whole package that you are looking for.
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