Blessing Square Panels Set of 2

Blessing Square Panels Set of 2

Item# CL-SG-Setof2-1
Why We Love This
- Made with Sturdy Stained Glass

- Versatile Window and Wall Hanging home decorations

- Authentic and sacred Celtic Trinity Knot

- Meaningful ‘God Bless Our Home’ Square Panel

- Our ornamental Celtic pieces are resistant to sunlight and water, so that the colors remain lively even after continual exposure.

Product Details

Our two hanging pieces are the ideal accessories for any room as they have powerful cultural meaning besides the aesthetic features. Our ornaments are beautifully crafted with great quality stained glass, a durable material that uses metallic salts to create unique visual effects when it is hung in a window. These decorations feature sacred Celtic symbols such as Trinity and Celtic knots. The roundel has a diameter of 6 cm, whereas the square has 16 cm in length and 16 cm in width. Our set of two is resistant to sunlight, water and cold. Bring a sense of culture in your home with these versatile decorations.
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