Guinness Tie With Shamrocks

Guinness Tie With Shamrocks

Item# G9161
Why We Love This
Designed in Three Toned Green Color

Shamrocks and Guinness Motifs Printed on Tie

Perfect for informal or formal Events

Product Details

  • Our Guinness shamrock necktie measure at a length of 56” and a width of 4”, the perfect adjustable length.
  • You will see the words luck and sláinte printed on the tie, with the word sláint meaning cheers in Gaelic.
  • Our tie has a nice pop of color thanks to a spread of shamrocks in three different shades of green.
  • Small Guinness beer pints decorate this tie adding a fun element, along with the words Guinness printed above the shamrocks
  • The background color of our Guinness shamrock tie is black allowing the shamrocks and the word Guinness to really stand out.
You’ve been wracking your brain wondering what gift to get for the Guinness-lover in your life. Our Guinness Shamrock tie is just the gift you have been looking for. With a fun design that really stands out this gift is really one of a kind. He’ll instantly love it, and it will more than likely become his new favorite work tie or a St.Patty’s day go to. This tie is a love letter to Ireland with its unique print and design.

Our Guinness tie has a solid black background allowing the images and words printed on the tie to better pop against the background. A spray of small green shamrocks standout on the ties, the shamrocks have varying shades of green adding another dimension to the print. Above the shamrocks in white print is the Guinness so there’s no mistaking exactly what this tie is representing. On some of the shamrocks, pints of Guinness can be found, and the words luck and sláinte can also be found.

Appropriately worded since shamrocks are most associated with today with luck. This belief could have begun back in ancient Ireland when the druids were highly prevalent. They believed that the number three was a mystical number. Mainly associated with the three goddesses The Mother, The Maiden, and The Crone. The three-leaf clover, or shamrock, became a holy symbol that was believed to have the ability to detect negative spirits.

It was also used as a religious symbol by St. Patrick to teach the people about The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost, another triple religious figure. There are even stories that St. Patrick used the shamrock to banish snake from the Emerald Isle. If you happen to make your way over to the St. Patrick Cathedral you will see that there are shamrocks in the architecture. His love for shamrocks is one of the reasons shamrocks have become so associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

The shamrock really became the symbol of Ireland in the late 18th century due to its militaristic ties. Rival militias, the Irish Volunteers and the United Irishmen, both chose the shamrock as their national symbol. When the American Revolutionary war occurred all British soldiers were removed from Ireland to fight in America. The Irish Volunteers were a group of Irish men tasked with protecting Britain’s territory in Ireland from the Spanish and the French. The United Irishmen opposed British law and decided to fight back.

The United Irishmen took to wearing green in their uniforms and the ribbons of their hats, with a song The Wearing of the Green makes mention of shamrocks. Shamrocks were even incorporated into the United Kingdom’s Royal Coat of Arms, along with a rose, and a thistle, representing the union of Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. So you see when you wear our Guinness shamrock tie you’re wearing the representation of Ireland, with the bonus of an Irish staple the Guinness beer.

The Guinness beer company has a history just as long as the shamrock. The dark stout was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1759 in Dublin Ireland. If you’ve ever had a Guinness you know that it’s a thick, creamy beer with distinctive dark coloration. They achieve this otherworldly consistency by adding nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It’s remained the number one selling beer in Ireland and has carved itself into the place of being the national beer of Ireland. So it’s no wonder the Irish word slĺnte is added into the design since it means cheers. And your special guy will definitely be cheerful when he receives our fun and eye-catching tie.
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