Book of Kells Navy Dog Silk Tie

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■ Our Patrick Francis silk ties are designed and produced by their team in Co. Dublin Ireland, the capital of Ireland.

■ Measuring at 3.5”x58” our Celtic Knot Silk Blue Tie is the perfect length and width to pair with any suit.

■ Made of 100% genuine silk our ties have that classic silky shine and that comes from high-quality silk.

■ Made of natural fibers with a purple background and Celtic knots formed in multiple rows to create an eye-catching pattern.

■ Inspired by the Irish national treasure the Book of Kells, known for its intricate Christian art and distinctive insular motifs.


Our Patrick Francis Silk Blue Tie is a great addition to any guy’s wardrobe. It’s just the luxury item any professional man will appreciate adding to their collection of ties. You will instantly be able to feel the quality of this genuine Irish silk tie. The natural silk fibers give this tie a light shine that adds a touch of class to a look. Our tie is colored a deep royal blue that will look good any time of year. You can pair it with a dark or a light suit without the worry of the colors clashing.The Book of Kells motifs found on the tie brings in a beloved Irish national treasure.

The Book of Kells has been in Dublin Ireland since the mid 16th century residing in the Trinity College of Dublin. Over 500,000 people a year make the trip to view the Book of Kells now displayed in four volumes. Its believed that the Book of Kells was created in the year 800, it was acquired during a Viking raid of a monastery in Iona, Scotland in 806. It found itself in Abby Kells Ireland where it derived its name and remained until being moved to Dublin. The book has been revered as a marvel of artistic creation ever since the book made its way to Ireland in the early 800s, with an emphasis on the artistic aspects of this book.

It is believed that the text was created for purely ceremonial purposes as opposed to being meant to actually be read. While the illustrations are highly detailed and much attention was put into making them eye-catching, the text itself is nowhere near up to par with the illustrations. If you were to read the text you would find that there are entire words and passages missing or repeated multiple times. Scholars believe the point of the book was to only be used as a wondrous display, not that that takes away from the treasure that this book is.

Intricate interlacing patterns and Christian symbolism make of the pages of this ancient artifact. The book itself is a mixture of insular and Christian art, evident by the swirling motifs most often found in insular art and the traditional Christian iconography. Insular art itself is very distinctive and was a style that was used mainly by Britain and Ireland during their post-Roman history. There’s almost nothing more Irish than their easily recognizable, bold art style. In the illustrations of the book, you will spot the figures of animals, men, and beast woven with Celtic knots.

Our Patrick Francis tie uses the geometric design Book of Kells motifs to give you a piece of Ireland. When you wear this tie you will be carrying around a representation of one of the points of pride of Ireland. The Patrick Francis company is known for its luxury and quality so you can be sure that you’re getting the best natural fibers and design when wearing this tie.