SAOL Funnelneck Ribbed Sweater

SAOL Funnelneck Ribbed Sweater

SAOL Funnelneck Ribbed Sweater
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Ribbed Collar Aran Sweater, designed and produced in Ireland, by SAOL

Made from 100% soft and warm Merino Wool, ideal for the cold season

Designed with exquisite Aran stitching, with a cable stitch pattern

Care recommendations: hand wash in cold water and dry flat

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Embrace the Irish charm with this beautiful SAOL Funnelneck Ribbed Sweater!

Aran sweaters are timelessly stapled in Irish fashion, dating back to the 19th century. They were born on the Aran Islands, as the local women started knitting sweaters meant to protect their fathers, brothers, or husbands, who were working as fishermen. The sweaters had to be sturdy and moisture-resistant, in order to help them survive winter on the ocean. Later on, the Aran sweater developed into its modern version.

Our sweater was designed and produced in Ireland, by SAOL. It was made with tradition and authenticity in mind, being knitted with the most popular Aran stitch pattern - the cable. This stitch is meant to represent the nets and ropes of the fishermen and be a symbol of courage, stamina, and good fortune. The ribbed collar is the detail that makes our sweater stand out from the crowd.

This piece was made from 100% fine Merino Wool, which is soft on the skin, and very warm, yet breathable, for the ultimate all-day comfort. It has long-lasting durability, especially if taken properly care of. Please hand wash in cold water, using a gentle detergent or wool-specific products, and allow it to air dry, flat.
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