Guinness Tin Whistle CD Pack

Guinness Tin Whistle CD Pack

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Just want to learn with this thin whistle. It has a really good tone. I like that it has a book and a CD with instructions and demonstrations. I am excited to learn.

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If you are a die-hard fan of Irish music and love producing music, making music, learning about music and being in the company of the soulful delight called music, then the Guinness Whistle Book and CD are going to be your best pals.

While learning and playing the enjoyable tin whistle, you can easily step out of solitude and claim access to a sense of connection with the Universe. This combination of the Guinness Whistle Book and CD is an official Guinness merchandise and comes in a set containing an instructional CD and a guidebook. The instructions are so simple and elegant that you will easily master the learning curve and produce music that lets you connect with your inner essence and bring out something worthwhile into the world.

Originally made from a hollow bone, from a bird’s wing or from another similar source, the tin whistle is a type of instrument known as a ‘fipple flute’. It is quite identical to the flageolet in its earliest form. Later, as its name implies, it came to be made of tin and was first mass-produced and transformed into the present form by Robert Clarke around 1840. The Guinness Whistle Book and CD pays homage to this awesome instrument by allowing everyone to learn and master it. You will show your passion for Irish music when you pop it out and create mesmerizing music out of it. Needless to say, it is very easy to carry and its small size allows you to carry your own orchestra in your pocket. It is also one of the simplest instruments in the world. The mouthpiece has a narrow windway, an opening or ‘window’ cut in to the side of the instrument, and a sharp edge over which the player’s breath passes. The instrument has six front finger holes and no thumb holes. Unlike other expensive instruments like the guitar and violin, the Irish tin whistle is pocket friendly and easily affordable. Thus, allowing everybody to have a shot at a high-quality instrument without spending a fortune.

Official Guinness Merchandise.
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