Natural Knit Bobble Ladies Hat

Natural Knit Bobble Ladies Hat

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Lovely hat, really terrific quality and very reasonable price! Will buy more in future!

Product Details

  • The bobble of our knit speckled hat is made from 100% wool fur and is as soft as it looks.
  • Our knit bobble hat uses a speckled yarn that stands out with its spots of color, adding dimension and fun.
  • A mix of cord stitches blends to create our speckled knit hat, merging to create bold cord stitches.
  • A fusion of 70% Acrylic and 30% wool fibers create a strong yarn that is both warm, soft, and flexible.
  • Our speckled wool fur bobble hat will continue to look good no matter how many times you wear it.
Nothing screams Ireland like our speckled wool bobble hat, with its classic design and Aran knitted patterns. A good hat is the number one item that everyone needs when it comes to staying warm during the cooler months and not every hat is made equal. But our speckled wool bobble hat leads the pack, with itís chunky knit style and bold stitch patterns that make our speckled knit hat stand out amongst the crowd.

Our hat has a vintage feel to it that still manages to stay in fashion with its modern take on the classic bobble hat. A luxurious feeling wool fur bobble seems to sprout from the top of our knit hat and captures your eye. The wool fur is just as soft as it looks and compliments the more rugged look of the yarn that makes up the rest of the hat. From top to bottom the design of our speckled wool fur bobble hat flows seamlessly. The wool fur bobble makes an attractive and interesting focal point that adds to the overall classic design of our knit hat.

The speckled yarn of our knit bobble hat is a special touch to the design. It takes the look of our hat from a single colored basic knit hat and adds an element of dimension to the fibers. Small braided cord stitches round out the top of our hat and combine down into thick cable stitches that pop off the front of our knit hat. Separating the large cable stitches are a multitude of garter stitches that combine to create a wave-like pattern that is just as attractive as the cable stitches they separate. A ribbed knit trim of cord stitches finishes off our bobble knit hat, giving a snug and secure fitting band.

The material of our classic Ireland knit hat is a cross between acrylic and wool. Acrylic is a material often used in the production of hats, mainly due to its wonderful ability to retain its shape. Hats are a garment that is constantly being stretched over your head and worn for hours on end and the ability to bounce back into shape is essential. Many hats over time will lose their elasticity and maintain their stretched out form creating a looser fit. The loose fit reduces the hat's ability to retain body heat due to the gaps in space that allow cold air in.

Acrylic is also highly wrinkle resistant so you can be sure your hat will always look just as good as the day you bought it. The added blend of wool gives our knit speckled wool fur bobble hat added warmth. Wool is a great heat retainer but still gives our hat enough breathability to keep you comfortable and not overheated. Itís no wonder the Patrick Francis team chose these two fabrics to create our speckled wool fur bobble hat.

If youíve ever owned a Patrick Francis knit garment you know that they infuse quality into every piece they make. From first glance, you can see the care they put into the design of their products and the love that they have for their home country. They are truly a company that takes their Irish roots and the craftsmanship developed there to create modern garments that are both beautiful and classic.
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