Dragonfly Pewter Scarf Ring

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■ Crafted from pewter, this Celtic Scarf Ring is durable and has a radiant shine that will last for many years to come.

■ Our scarf ring depicts the dragonfly, a marvelous Celtic symbol of change and transformation.

■ This scarf accessory measures 2.7” by 2”, making it the perfect size to make an impression when paired with any silk and lightweight scarf.

■ This Scarf Ring comes in a gorgeous gift box that is great for storing,making it the ideal gift for any lover of Celtic symbolism.


Level up your scarf game by adding our alluring Ladycrow Dragonfly Pewter Scarf Ring, a small piece that makes a world of difference. This Celtic Scarf Ring is handcrafted of Pewter, making it incredibly durable, rust and tarnish-free, having a shine that will last for many years to come. The Dragonfly is an endearing symbol of Celtic culture, also known as “abhainn dubh” in Ireland, a representation of change and transformation. In Celtic mythology, the dragonfly is associated with the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, Brighid. Our Scarf Ring measures 2.7” by 2”, the ideal size for this small piece to make a big difference when paired with any silk scarf. Bring a charming piece of cultural symbolism to the wardrobe of an Ireland lover today with our Dragonfly Scarf Ring.