Irish Aran Style Wool Blend Sweater

Irish Aran Style Wool Blend Sweater

Irish Aran Style Wool Blend Sweater
Item# AWM208
Why We Love This
  • Crafted with 100% pure new wool for comfortability, softness, and its capability to retain and sustain body warmth.
  • Features unique Roll neck collar, waistband, and cuff for a classy look fit for both formal and informal gatherings.
  • Irish-inspired fisherman sweater with distinct Irish heritage designs offering a classic look in a modern setting.
  • It is manufactured with natural fibers that give it a body holding capability that offers unrivaled insulation.
  • Available in variable sizes and color to fit everyone’s taste and style.

Product Details

Classy and cultured, the Irish Aran Style Wool Blend Sweater is a stylish, rugged sweater that gives a heritage-inspired look for chilly occasions. Constructed with new wool blend this great layering piece is ideal for both formal settings with a collared shirt or a laid-back casual settings with a pair of jeans. The Irish Aran Style Wool Blend Sweater is a timeless sweater that gives a versatile look and can be worn from time to time. Its distinct rolled edge collar, hem, and the cuff is a step back in time to the Aran Fisherman lifestyle.

Aran sweaters have a deep-rooted history; they were specifically designed to suit life on the islands located on the West coast of Ireland at the mouth of Galway Bay. The sweater’s attributes that bring out the stylish modern designs were designed to fit the lifestyles of the island’s farmers and fishermen. Aran sweaters were ideally formal menswear crafted for work at the sea or in the Island’s farms. However, over the years, and especially after the famous Vogue photoshoot of the 1950s, the Aran sweaters took a different turn and are popularly sought for their fashion rather than their initial function.

Before Aran sweaters were popular, and sought for due to their fashion statement, they were woven out of necessity to combat the tough cold conditions of the sea. Irish women made these sweaters for their fishermen husbands to keep them warm during their fishing expeditions. Due to their popularity with the fishermen at sea, some families began making them for sale on the island helping to provide a living from the proceeds. The sweaters were designed with intricate stitch patterns that heightened the popularity of the garments. These sweaters were also very challenging to knit; however, they offered the much-needed warmth and appeal and took about six weeks to complete.

The Aran sweaters can be traced back to an island 400 miles on the South East of Aran islands. They were traded in exchange for fish in Guernsey island. The fishermen traded their fish for the clothes that needed to be durable and easy to mend. They were also water resistant, which heightened the popularity with the fishermen. The knitting was tight, to help conserve warmth. The Roll neck Irish Fisherman Sweater is offered by the Aran Sweater market; this establishment was founded back in 1892 with an objective to maintain original Aran garments. The Aran Sweater Market started off a small cornerstone establishment in a small island community in Inis Mor Island, before spreading its reach to other parts of the globe. It's one of Ireland’s leading supplier of authentic Aran garments due to its devotion to supplying 100% authentic Aran garments from designers and supplier from the remote islands of Aran. The Aran sweater markets have markets in Dublin, Galway, Killarney as well as Aran islands.

The Aran Style Wool Blend Sweater is a classic Irish knitwear piece that not only brings out a striking fashion sense but also borrows deeply from the original Aran sweater designs culturally worn by fishermen and farmers who lived off the Aran islands. Its an ideal sweater for both formal and informal gatherings that are bound to be a favorite in any closet. Available in four colors, this Irish sweater is designed to suit most people’s tastes.
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