Irish Black Sheep Umbrella

Irish Black Sheep Umbrella

Item# 3491
Why We Love This
Designed with Favorite Irish Symbols: Shamrock and Sheep

Executed in Black and White Colours

Made of Excellent Quality Fabric

Product Details

• Our Irish Black Sheep Umbrella is a compact design piece, white and comes with one cover.

• This unique Irish Black Sheep Umbrella is designed with a picture of a single black sheep adorning a green Shamrock design symbol.

• Our fashionable Irish Black Sheep Umbrella carries deep Celtic significance due to the green shamrock on the black sheep.

• This amazing Irish Black Sheep Umbrella makes a great gift due to its unique design as well as its cultural significance.

• Our Irish Black Sheep Umbrella is a product of Ireland, designed and crafted by some of the finest artisans.

Get this unique Irish Black Sheep compact Umbrella. You don’t want to get wet or cold during the rainy season; you can escape the elements with our amazing Irish Black Sheep Umbrella. Its unique design features make it worth a purchase. The black sheep cartoon makes a pretty interesting design, and the shamrock on its back makes it uniquely Irish.

This iconic Irish Black Sheep Umbrella is compact, comes as a single piece, and has one cover. Its unique white design with a single black sheep is both appealing and comical. It comes in a convenient size and can be stored in a small bag if you are on transit. It also adorns two colors, which makes it simple enough not to cause too much attention to yourself. Our unique Irish Black Sheep Umbrella also holds some cultural significance. The Black sheep adorning the green shamrock has deep Irish cultural meaning. The shamrock was initially used by St Patrick while teaching about Christianity. He used the three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity with each of the leaves representing The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A black sheep also holds some social significance of someone being different from the bunch. You could use this Irish Black Sheep Umbrella to pass a unique message through a gift to someone you care about.

Our lovely Irish Black Sheep Umbrella makes a great gift. Despite all the hidden messages that are both cultural and religious to the people of Ireland, this Irish Black Sheep Umbrella has striking good looks and is appealing. It’ll be a favorite on rainy days to whoever you gift it to.

This gorgeous Irish Black Sheep Umbrella is a product of Ireland. It is sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Keilys are popular for promoting Irish culture by selling authentic Irish crafts from the finest artisans in Ireland.
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