Antique Bronze Irish Brass Trinity Knot Door Knocker

Antique Bronze Irish Brass Trinity Knot Door Knocker

Item# RE5700-BZ
What Customers Are Saying
This was given as a housewarming gift to my son. He is delighted with it and it makes an elegant first impression on his front door.. It's of an excellent and detailed quality. Highly recommended.

Product Details

  • Our Irish trinity knot door knocker is made from solid brass and then coated with a bronze finishing.
  • Our trinity knot is mounted to a square Celtic knotwork mounting plate and comes with a Celtic knotwork striking plate.
  • The trinity knot is seamlessly woven by expert craftsmen and the finished product measures 5-inches by 5.5-inches.
  • Brass is made from copper and other metals making it a harder, more durable metal, highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Our trinity knot bronze coated brass door knocker is just the finishing touch you need to complete your home.
  • Center bottom hole should be drilled exactly 5Ē down from top hole.
When it comes to building a home itís the little finishing touches that count. So if you're remodeling your home or building a new home our Irish brass trinity knot door knockers are just the finishing piece you need. Our trinity knot door knockers are made of an antique bronze that has a nice weight to them. Our large trinity knot door knocker is mounted onto a Celtic knot mounting bracket that is formed into the shape of a square.

The lovely Irish knotwork stamped through the mounting plate adds to the rustic charm of our door knocker. The trinity knot itself is made from solid brass and has a bronze finishing over the top of the brass. Not pictured is a bronze coated brass striking plate to protect your door from any damage. The strike plate also has Celtic knotwork designed throughout the plate.

Bronze itself is a lovely shade of coppery brown that goes well with many colors. Whether you want to have a red door, an Irish green door or even a black door our bronze Trinity knot will pair well with any color of your choosing. The trinity knot itself has a seamless finish on the front, intricately weaving in and between itself to create that classic Trinity knot shape. The craftsmanship that went into shaping the brass is very clear to see.

Brass itself has a high resistance to corrosion so itís a very useful metal to use in products for outdoor use. It's also a highly durable metal that can remain in great condition for years without cracking or disintegrating. While bronze is a nice hard metal that can also resist corrosion and metal fatigue. Bronzeís mixture of copper and other metals makes it stronger than regular copper. Casting bronze over a durable metal like brass helps to elongate the life of our product. So when people are knocking at your door you wonít have to worry about your metal finishing being damaged.
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