Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Necklace

Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Necklace

Item# S44583
Why We Love It
Rhodium-plated, this necklace is durable and shiny

Pendant is enamel-painted for added sheen and color

The design features a Celtic Triquetra or Trinity Knot

It comes on rhodium plated 18’’ chain

Packaged in a presentation box

Product Details

Honor your Celtic heritage in style with our Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Necklace. This piece of jewelry is constructed of high-quality base metal and is rhodium-plated, guaranteed to last many years to come. Its sturdiness and shimmer make it a ‘must-have’ piece that should not be missed from your accessory collection. The pendant is beautifully painted with green enamel that adds extra sheen and a pop of color to its overall look. What makes this necklace unique is its iconic Celtic-inspired design - Triquetra literally translates to ""three-cornered’’ and symbolizes unity, protection, and eternal life. In Christian traditions, the Trinity Knot stands for the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In ancient Celtic mythology, it is related to the nature of the Celtic Goddess - the mother represents creation, the maiden represents innocence, and the crone symbolizes wisdom. For the best results, please keep it away from sunlight and moisture.
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