Irish Dancer Silhouette Garden Stake

Irish Dancer Silhouette Garden Stake

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Why We Love This
Featuring a charming Irish Dancer Silhouette

Made of Solid Metal

Ideal to support your plants and to add a refined piece in the garden

Product Details

  • Our Irish dancing garden stake is a silhouette of a leaping Irish girl made completely from metal.
  • Her silhouette allows you to see stylistic characteristics, like her curly hair and her headband framed by two cutouts.
  • With her arms straight down she strikes a leaping pose with one leg tucked back and the other kicked forward.
  • Her flared skirt adds an extra touch to the design, you can see the detail that went into our garden stake.
  • Support and protect your new and growing plants with our garden stake, ensuring that your plants grow big and strong.
Spruce up your garden with our Irish dancer garden stake. Our jumping Irish girl is made completely of metal so it will stay sturdy and solid in your garden. It comes in a dark black color, creating a shadowed silhouette of a dancing Irish girl. She strikes a lovely image and in your garden, she’ll definitely be a complementary piece, as she performs a high kick pose with perfectly arched feet. From her cutout silhouette, you can see that she has curly hair held back by a wide headband.

Two rectangular cutouts in the metal frame and create the headband adding dimension and a stylistic aspect to our garden stake. Her arms are held perfectly straight down, with one leg kicked back, and the other extended forward flaring her skirt, creating a classic leaping pose. And our dancing Irish girl is just as functional as she is pretty. The most important thing when it comes to garden stakes is their ability to support and protect your plants.

Growing plants that are very young or have weak stems tend to fall prey to wind damage. Strong winds can cause your plants to either break or bend, disrupting their life cycles and causing damage and possibly even cause your plants to wither and die. But with a good garden stake, you can help to prevent that from happening. The key to staking your garden is to not place your garden stake directly next to the plant. You don’t want to provide too much support, otherwise when you take the stake away thinking your plant has grown big and strong you’ll find that it’s actually just as weak as it started.

Plants need to weather the storm so to speak to build up their resistance to strong winds. So to properly stake your plant you should place two to three garden stakes around your plant and attach them to your plant with rope. This will give your plant some wiggle room to bend in the breeze while maintaining support so it doesn’t completely collapse. So get a couple of our Irish dancing garden stakes and you can have your very own prancing Irish girl.
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