Christmas Bauble Scottish Thistle

Christmas Bauble Scottish Thistle

Item# CL-73-89
  • One Celtic Christmas bauble, packed in a beautiful cardboard box, is perfect to become a gift for the holiday season
  • Handcrafted with care from bone china, a premium material that guarantees durability, as it prevents easy breaking or chipping, with an additional red ribbon
  • Charming Scottish design with symbols from Scotlandís cultural heritage and histories, such as the purple thistle and Celtic knot
  • Product Details

    This Christmas, get into the Scottish spirit with our Christmas Bauble Scottish Thistle!

    Made of 100% bone china, a premium material that guarantees durability, as it is resistant to mechanical and physical shocks. The bauble was projected to prevent easy breaking or chipping so you can enjoy it in a brand new condition even after years. A beautiful red, satin ribbon was added for hanging.

    The bauble was crafted to be a piece of Scottish culture hanging from your Christmas tree. The design illustrates the Scottish purple thistle as its centerpiece. This flower is the national emblem of Scotland and it symbolizes honor, royalty, and courage. Such a meaningful symbol carries centuries of Scotlandís history and culture. The illustration is enriched with other symbols of Celtic heritage, such as Celtic Knots, in charming and vivid colors.

    This product is the embodiment of an attention to detail, as it was handcrafted with care by Royal Tara and it encapsulates cultural elements in an authentic manner, making reference to the Christian faith - the reason for the season.

    Our product comes in a beautiful cardboard box, which makes it a perfect gift from Scotland, just right for this jolly season!
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