Lansdowne Kids Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt

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■ Our Kids Ireland High Neck Rugby Top from Lansdowne comes in a long sleeve style that is perfect for any weather condition.
■ The 100% cotton material of our kid’s rugby shirt is a high quality, lightweight material that feels comfortable to wear.
■ The buttons on our rugby shirt can be hidden when the collar is completely buttoned or shown when worn open.
■ The chest area of our shamrock rugby shirt features the Lansdowne logo and shamrock patch on opposite sides of the chest.
■ A hidden red and white pinstripe pattern can be revealed when the collar of our rugby shirt is flipped up.

Whether they want to wear it out on the field or when hanging out with friends our Kids Ireland High Neck Rugby Top will quickly become your kid’s favorite go-to shirt. Our kid’s shamrock rugby shirt comes in a long sleeve style that wears great during the cooler months but is still light enough to be worn during the warmer months. The breathable material that our kid’s shamrock rugby shirt is made from gives our shirt a lightweight feel.

Three distinct colors, khaki, gold, and Irish green stand out on our kid’s shamrock rugby shirt. A khaki-colored collar and a thick khaki colored stripe across the chest is framed by two thinner gold stripes and stand in stark contrast to the deep green color of the rest of our rugby shirt. Our kid’s shamrock rugby has buttons the end halfway down the chest allowing your kid to wear our rugby shirt partially open or completely buttoned up. An extra layer over the front of the buttonholes hide the white buttons when our rugby shirt is buttoned up.

On the right side of the chest area of our kid’s rugby shirt, the Lansdowne logo can be seen in white embroidery. Opposite to the Lansdowne logo is the Lansdowne patch featuring three shamrocks. The three green embroidered shamrocks are displayed against a white background that enhances the shade of green of the shamrocks. Golden embroidered leaves frame the shamrock patch with a white and green embroidered Ireland banner sits proudly beneath the shield.

Your kid can also pop up the collar of our kid’s rugby shirt to show off the red and white pinstripe pattern on the underside of the collar for a touch of style. The 100% cotton fabric that our kid’s shamrock rugby is constructed from allows your kid to move comfortably through their day, whether that’s running across the field, cheering in the stands, or making their way through their school days.