Shamrock Ireland Cadet Cap

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■ Our Fern green Ireland 1823 cadet hat comes from the Traditional Craft company’s Lansdowne Collection made in Ireland.
■ A circular top and a rolled cuff at the base of our knit hat give our cap a beanie look.
■ A knit encased bill provides protection from the glare of the sun and adds a stylish element to our hat.
■ Our 1823 cadet hat with a very rustic and vintage look to it in a shade of green reminiscent of Ireland.
■ A canvas patch with the word Ireland is embroidered in white and an embroidered shamrock shield sits below the word.

Go for a more traditional look with our fern green Ireland 1823 cadet hat. Our cadet hat is a soft knit hat with a flat bill in the front. With the circled flat top and a rolled cuff at the bottom of our hat, it adds a fun and unique look to it. Small neat knit stitches make up the entirety of this hat, with slightly larger stitches making up the cuff and the knit surrounding the bill of the hat.

A green canvas patch is stitched on to the front of the cap connecting the rolled cuff and the top of the cap. On the canvas patch is the word Ireland in white embroidery and an embroidered shield with three white shamrocks. Below the shield an embroidered 1823 that stands out. Overall our Ireland 1823 cadet hat has a very rustic feel to it. With unfinished edges on the patch and a traditional knit style, anyone who wears our hat will appreciate its vintage qualities. Our thick warm knit hat made from 100% acrylic is a one size fits all hat.

Our cadet knit hat comes from the Lansdowne Collection created by the Traditional Craft Irish company. The Lansdowne Collection is just one of many collections created by the Traditional Craft company that has successfully produced Irish wear. It was created to honor the Lansdowne Road Stadium and the great sportsmen who played there. The collection is a range of classically fashionable sportswear and functional attire with a unique Irish edge.

They use breathable fabric and premium stitching for all of their garments to create Irish goods anyone would be proud to wear. They’ve been in business for over 40 years and have continued to honor their Irish roots. They’ve managed to share Irish wear overseas and in international markets, so you can be proud to wear our Lansdowne Collection Ireland 1823 cadet hat.