Hanna Hats Vintage Cap Tweed Dark Grey

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■ Made from 100% Irish Wool; top quality fabric
■ Classic flat cap design, with stud-fastener on the peak, plus taffeta lining
■Versatile look, suitable for all genders

Our Hanna Hats Vintage Cap Tweed is the go-to piece that complements any outfit, creating a perfectly tailored look! The cap is a classic, yet timeless, accessory. This cap is made from the finest Irish wool, which ensures durability, comfort and warmth. It is perfect for fall and winter. The design is elegant, yet adaptable. You can pair this cap with multiple styles and wear it for a wide variety of occasions, from casual to black tie. This particular piece comes in a beautiful shade of dark grey. The cap is full-bodied, with a stud-fastener on the peak and a complementary taffeta lining. All these elements combine in a design that embodies charm and sophistication. Suitable for all genders, this hat would make a wonderful gift for a family member or a friend!