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■ Our Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde jig shoe comes with a black suede sole that provides great flexibility and supreme comfort.
■ Crafted to perform toe maneuvers from the get-go, our Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde jig shoe enchants from the very first wear.
■ The leather uppers, high-grade strap and swift open/close buckles of our Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde bring ease and relaxation during competitions.
■ Unparalleled heels of our Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde jig shoe deliver refined heel clicks and flawless sound quality.
■ Exceptionally durable and high quality tips, which may even outlast the overall shoe life, give you the best return for your money.
■ PLEASE NOTE: Adult sizes 8.5 and above are only available in a wide fitting. Orders for standard width in this size range will be despatched as wide fitting.

Delivering supreme flexibility with astonishing comfort, we present to you the Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde jig shoe. Crafted with a flexible black suede sole, the Ultraflexi Concorde provides the right amount of friction for dance floors. If you are a dancer who does for a lot of toe maneuvers, the Ultraflexi Concorde – which is flexible from the get-go – has your back. In the high-paced world of Irish dancing, if you are the next ‘maestro’ beginning to emerge, then the Ultraflexi Concorde would be an esteemed friend that makes you shine on the dance floor.

Armed with a U-shaped heel stiffener that softens the top edge of the back of the shoe – the part of the shoe that meets your Achilles tendon – the Ultraflexi Concorde decreases the possibility of any blisters and irritation down to nearly zero. Protecting your legs by protecting your Achilles tendon, theese essential jig shoes come around as a sound investment. What’s more is the fact that this protection starts from day one as your feet adapt to the shoe as soon as you put it on. The Ultraflexi Concorde is best-suited for intermediate to advanced dancers due to its sole, which is perfect for swift advanced maneuvers. Very young dancers, extreme beginners and experienced dancers with foot problems may want to look into our more novice-friendly shoe ranges. The Ultraflexi Concorde comes with a ‘poron insole’, which is a medical grade material that has superb shock absorbing and damping characteristics, making the wearer immune to joint or lower body damage. It also comes with a high-grade strap and smooth open/close buckle that make it easy to switch between soft and hard shoes during competitions.

The tips of the Ultraflexi Concorde are Open/Championship level tips worn by the best dancers in the world. Prepared from a high-density material which is an amalgam of several ingredients compressed together, the tips of the Ultraflexi Concorde are a work-of-art. Apart from being loud enough to deliver a rock-solid performance, the tips also produce a remarkable tone and depth of sound. Highly recommended for dancers that prefer a vivid sound, the tips of the Ultraflexi Concorde come with a ‘Toe Stand’ square that makes it easy to perform all toe maneuvers. Interestingly, the tips of the Ultraflexi Concorde are so exceptionally durable that they may even outlast the whole shoe life. The heels are also Open/Championship level heels made from the same material as the tips. The heels are rigid and firm with a white nylon top piece that boosts the overall sound quality. To further refine the accuracy of the heel clicks and ensure a sound full of resonance and reverberation, the heels have a curve on the inside. Plus, the heel stiffener keeps the heels in shape which in turn maintain the shape of the shoe.

All-in-all, the Ultraflexi Concorde is a sound investment that may bring life-long returns. Order now and give your already awesome dance moves an upgrade with our Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde jig shoe.