Fays Celtic Choice Patent Leather Ghillies - Light Green

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■  Our Celtic Choice Patent Leather Colors Ghillies are designed without seams to ensure that there would be less friction and irritation around the toes.
■  These dance pumps will fit snuggly with any feet. Not only that, but our comfort Celtic choice will help emphasize a dancer’s arch.
■  The insoles of our Celtic Choice Patent Leather Colors are made from Poron foam which greatly helps protect the feet by absorbing heavy shock.
■  These Irish dancing shoes are of the highest quality made with 100% robust leather sole and upper for maximum durability and comfort.
■  We offer five different colors – red, pink, blue, light blue, as well as light green – to choose from.

Celtic Choice Patent Leather Colors by Celtic Choice Ghillies are explicitly designed for Irish dancing. These shoes boast of the latest technology which uses a special arch stitching as well as a split sole design. This feature makes Celtic Choice dance pumps a great choice for dancers who wish to have their natural arch emphasized. Even beginners who have not yet perfected their arch will be thrilled to see their feet looking like the best in the world.


These are also designed with a refined heel to snuggly fit and hug the shape of the heel of each user. There won’t be any access room in these areas so dancers will feel secure even with all the movement that they perform. Any Irish dancer would be familiar with the struggle and pain from sores and blisters caused by bad dancing shoes. To provide comfort for all dancers, all our shoe selection is designed without seams to reduce the friction, and irritation typically felt around the toe area. Dancers will no longer have to worry about seams that could pinch their toes or break down any minute in the middle of their dance.


The insoles fitted in these wonderful Irish dancing shoes are also made using Poron foam. This is an excellent material which provides high flexibility, long-lasting comfort, and superior shock absorption. Every step, tap, and any feet movement will be cushioned with these marvels.

And of course, who in their right mind would want to purchase something that would not last for a long time? Dancers would be happy to hear that the sole and upper of Celtic Choice Patent Leather Colors is made using pure leather. This will provide not only the durability but also the comfort important to every user. There is a wide selection of colors for our dance shoes to choose from. Available colors include red, pink, blue, light blue and light green. With these, dancers will surely have a choice for the best Irish dancing shoes which will go well with the color of their costume.


Traditional dance is an immensely popular part of the culture in Ireland. A lot of people think that Irish dancing only consists of step dance such as that featured with the popular Riverdance. What they don’t know is that Irish dance covers a wide variety of styles and variations that can be performed in group, pair, or solo. Step dance isn’t even the only subtype of Irish dancing as there are also set dances and céilí. Irish dances can also be classified by rhythm – jigs, reels, and hornpipes.


People sometimes think that Irish dance is really hard, but anyone can learn and enjoy it. The only thing that is needed is dedication and a good Irish dancing shoe like our Celtic Choice Patent Leather Colors. Whether a dancer is a beginner or not, the Celtic Choice Patent Leather Colors by Celtic Choice Ghillies would be a great buy.