Irish Emblems Hanging Bronze Ornaments

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■ This charming set includes 4 bronze-plated Irish ornaments, carefully polished to ensure longevity, durability, and a vintage appearance

■ Features symbols such as St. Brigid’s Cross, the Celtic Cross, the Claddagh, and a Shamrock, each design telling a story of Irish heritage

■ The ornaments come with satin ribbons for effortless hanging, with the St. Brigid's Cross measuring 3.74" and the rest measuring 2.75"

■ Whether as heartfelt gifts for family and friends or as festive decorations for your own home, this lovely Irish set is an excellent option


Get into the festive spirit with our set of Irish Emblems Hanging Bronze Ornaments Christmas Decorations. The ornaments are bronze-plated and carefully polished to ensure durability, a vintage look, and lasting beauty.Each piece is designed as a cherished Irish symbol that holds deep meaning: St. Brigid’s Cross is a beacon of protection; the intricate Celtic Cross, which showcases a home blessing, is an embodiment of faith; the Claddagh, a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty; and the Shamrock, a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity.The St. Brigid's Cross is sized at 3.74", while the others measure 2.75". Each ornament comes with a header card and a satin ribbon for easy hanging. Whether you are seeking to surprise family and friends with a thoughtful present or looking for festive decorations for your own home, our Irish set makes a wonderful choice.