Pure Oskar The Curragh Sheep Irish Handmade Soap Gift Boxed

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■ Handmade Irish soap crafted with attention to detail from 100% glycerin and pure essential oils

■ Shaped like a wooly sheep, allowing you to celebrate Ireland while keeping your hands clean

■ With a net weight of 2.46 ounces and lemongrass fragrance, this soap will enchant your senses

■ Comes in a gift box, making a truly unique present to remember the enchanting Emerald Isle


Are you looking for a handmade, cute, and practical gift to remind you of Ireland? Choose our unique Pure Oskar The Curragh Sheep Irish Handmade Soap Gift Boxed! This soap is handmade from 100% glycerin and lemongrass essential oils, ensuring a durable smell that will enchant your senses. The charcoal and mica colorants showcase our commitment to using all natural ingredients. This unique soap is shaped like a sheep, celebrating the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, such as the Curragh fields. The wooly animals are also symbols of Irish knitting traditions, ensuring you can connect to the country’s culture even as you wash your hands. The unique shape of the soap will fit perfectly in your hands and provide a fun textured feeling. With a net weight of 2.46 ounces, this soap is sure to last and elevate your hygiene ritual. Made to delight all of your senses, this Irish sheep glycerin soap comes in a lovely gift box with Irish accents and makes the perfect present for lovers of the Emerald Isle! It will make any bathroom feel aesthetic and rustic!