Two Bunnies on a Leaf Figurine

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■ This item is made of resin, a quality material that is water and scratch resistant, and durable

■ The figurine displays two little bunnies sailing on a leaf boat with a leaf paddle

■ Being 3.5 inches long, it will serve as a great little decoration on your shelf or be a unique addition to your figurine collection

■ Representing luck and a new beginning, this figurine is the nice little gift you’re looking for.


Unleash the fresh vibe of this season with these Two Bunnies on a Leaf figurine that will bring sunshine and good luck to your home.

The miniature piece is made of resin, a high-quality material often used in the crafting of figurines and decor items for its durability and resistance to water and scratches.

The item is crafted with care and attention to detail to resemble a pair of two white bunnies, sailing on a boat shaped as a leaf. It is hand-painted in beautiful nuances and colors that bring the story of these two little sailors to life. In many cultures, white bunnies are common symbols of good luck, love, and compassion, and the bringers of the spring season.

Being 3.5 inches long, this piece is the perfect little present that proves that it’s the thought that counts. Whether you want to add a fresh spring season vibe to your room or office, or if you want to make a meaningful gift, these two bunnies will bring good luck to anyone who believes in their magic.