Ireland Cosmetic Bag

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■  Irish cosmetic bag crafted from 100% PU leather, a vegan, eco-friendly material that is durable and easy to clean

■ Designed with an “Ireland” inscription adorned with shamrocks and Celtic knots that add cultural essence

■ With a zippered pocket to protect belongings and measures 9”, ideal for all your cosmetic needs

■ Made in Ireland, this bag blends cultural authenticity with craftsmanship, making the perfect present


If you are a fan of on-the-go beauty routines, or wish to travel in style to the Emerald Isle, choose our Ireland Cosmetic Bag. It is made from 100% PU leather, a vegan durable material with a glossy appearance that is easy to clean. Measuring 9”, this bag will fit all of your cosmetics and toiletries. The zippered pocket will keep your essentials safe and ensure easy access. The design features a medieval font “Ireland” inscription allowing you to display national pride. The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity while the Celtic knotwork is a symbol of the connection between all things in the universe. A combination between functionality and cultural symbolism, our bag makes an inspired gift for yourself or your friends!