Ireland Flag

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■ Irish flag crafted with attention to detail, ensuring to make a durable addition to your home decor

■ Designed with the vibrant colors that represent Ireland, allowing you to show national pride

■ Measures 3’ x 5’, perfect for hanging around your home or waving at an Irish event

■ A wonderful addition to those with Irish roots as well as the best gift for any themed celebration


Express your national Irish pride within your home or at public events with our Ireland Flag! This flag is made with sturdy material that ensures you can wave it with satisfaction for many years to come. The design of this piece shows the vibrant colors of the Emerald Isle. The history of this flag represents the peace made between the Roman Catholics and Protestants. This Irish flag allows you to celebrate the past, present, and future of these enchanting lands. You can adorn your home with this symbol of national pride or celebrate your roots to Ireland on Saint Patrick’s day or other special thematic events. This flag measures 3’ x 5’ ideal for hanging or waving. It will easily fit in your bags if you wish to take it with you on fun adventures. A wonderful present for those with Celtic heritage and lovers of Ireland’s authentic culture alike, this flag will last in your collection and surely bring you the luck and happiness often associated with the Irish islanders!