Irish Emblem Decorations

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■ Ireland Lettering

■ Shamrock Detailing

■ Bright and Classic Colors


When Christmas rolls around you’ll love to hang this set of four Irish Emblem Decorations with the whole family. The heritage designs of these elegant ornaments are each unique and beautifully related, with three featuring different forms of Irish shamrocks, the national flower of Ireland, and one that includes “Ireland” written out in an ancient Celtic text style complete with accented letters in red and blue and surrounded by detailed Celtic knotwork.

Each bauble is made in a traditional decoupage technique. The interior design is comprised of many sheets of interfolded decorated paper smoothed with varnish under a glass exterior. A green ribbon is attached for ease of hanging any time of year.

Made by Clara Crafts for Royal Tara, which specializes in Irish and Celtic giftware inspired by ancient Irish designs. Royal Tara has been making beautiful souvenirs for over 50 years from their County Galway, Ireland home.

Individual baubles measure 7.5cm round (approx. 3 in).