Royal Tara Irish Blessing Mug

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■ Net weight: 125g, Gross weight: 295g
■ Reusable metallic tin that holds 50 Welsh brew tea bags, a unique and signature flavor, which will be a treat for all your senses
■ Decorated with Wales symbols, with a focus on the red dragon as a symbol of power in the history of the country
■ The perfect gift from Wales to be made to yourself or dear one, creating a scenery of relaxation and coziness


Take a break with our Royal Tara Welsh Brew Tea! This unique, signature Welsh flavor can be tasted in this tea blend. Place a tea bag in boiled water and let it infuse for approximately three or four minutes. The 50 tea bags are packed in a metal tin, which will help preserve the tea over time. The reusable tin is decorated with Welsh symbols and is an homage to the unique cultural heritage of Wales, featuring the Welsh red dragon as its centerpiece. The dragon symbolizes power and authority. Celtic knots frame the design and beautiful shades of red, green, blue and yellow adorn the tin. The net weight is 125g and the gross weight is 295g.