Welsh Daffodil Mug

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■ Crafted from Royal Tara, inspired by the rich heritage and meaningful symbolistic of the daffodil, “Empress of Ireland”
■ Made of 100% bone China,
■ Mug holds 11 fl oz


The Royal Tara Welsh Daffodil Mug is a beautiful way to showcase your Celtic heritage and Welsh Pride. Crated by Royal Tara, this beautiful mug features a Welsh daffodil, which is also known as Peter’s leek or Welsh leek. The mug features an inscription of “the Welsh Daffodil” and the same sentiment in Welsh on the other side “Cenhinen Bedr Cymreig” (Welsh Peter’s leek) of the rim. An intricate Celtic Knot design prevails around the mug in beautiful green, blue yellow and red colors. The mug is made of bone china and has a capacity of 11 fl oz. Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea in this colorful and meaningful mug.