Celtic Cross Bowl

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■ Celtic Cross Design

■ Made of Glass

■ Multicolored


Diameter 14cm

This beautiful Celtic Cross Bowl from Clara Crafts for Royal Tara is a great way to show off your love of Ireland and Celtic history. Featuring a highly detailed Celtic cross in shades of blue and green at the center, this bowl is a unique gift that can be cherished for ages.

The design of this bowl is inspired by ancient Irish artwork and intricate Celtic knot detailing that is most commonly found in Irish manuscripts from the middle ages, as well as on the many large stone High Crosses dotted throughout the Irish landscape.

The Celtic knot patterns even predate Christianity in Ireland and originally symbolized a more secular view of the interconnected nature of existence, including the afterlife, life, and birth. Associated with the Celtic cross, the take on a wonderful religious significance, tying all aspects of Christianity to human existence and the permanence of the cycle of life. Here, they are beautifully arranged in a mix of spiral, curves, and straight geometric patterns to give an overall look of beautiful symmetry to the whole piece.

Royal Tara has specialized in high quality heritage giftware for over 30 years from their County Galway headquarters. Each piece is designed with an emphasis on creativity and functionality, making it a perfect addition to any Irish home.

Made of durable ceramic by Royal Tara Ireland.