Set Of 3 Flavours Irish Coffee Tins

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■ Set of 3 mini Irish flavored coffee, with bold Irish Cream, Whiskey, and Gaelic Blend aromas
■ 3.5 ounces of ground roasted coffee in each tin, great for enjoying the unique taste
■ Reusable tins with vintage design and compact lids, to the ground coffee fresh
■ From the “Connemara Kitchen” collection, the perfect addition to your morning routine


If you love coffee, our Set Of 3 Mini Coffee Flavours is exactly what you need! With three tins of delicious, traditional Irish flavored coffee, this set is a great way to experiment with new tastes while starting up each morning with a strong boost. The Irish Cream, Whiskey, and Gaelic Blend flavors offer creamy, smooth, bold aromas. You can brew these blends in your espresso machine, on the stove, as well as in an Italian moka. You can add milk, cream, or even a dash of traditional Irish whiskey to elevate the way you drink your coffee! Each tin comes with 3.5 ounces of grounded, roasted coffee, the perfect amount to test out these one of a kind flavors. The vintage tins, with green hues reminiscent of Irish fields, showcase serving suggestions for each type of coffee flavor. The compact lids ensure the coffee will stay fresh. Whether you serve them iced or steaming hot, our coffee set is perfect for you! Made in Ireland, a part of the official ‘Connemara kitchen’ collection, these Irish flavored coffees pair perfectly with a tin of Irish fudge!