Medium Celtic Wall Cross / Celtic Knot center / Antique Brass

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■ Antique Brass Finish

■ Made of Bronze for Durability

■ Beautiful and Exquisite Adornments


Our Medium Celtic Wall Cross / Celtic Knot center / Antique Brass / Antique Bras combines elegance and spiritual significance in one timeless piece. The Celtic cross comes with a Celtic knot center design that symbolizes eternal life and interconnectedness. The intricate detailing and rich texture add to its aesthetic appeal, making it a beautiful addition to any wall decor. Crafted from durable bronze with an antique brass finish, this cross is also built to last, ensuring its beauty and symbolism endure over time. Measuring 7 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, it includes a convenient mounting hole at the top for easy display. Each cross is custom gift-boxed, featuring a hot-stamp Cross graphic on the box lid, perfect for presenting to loved ones or as a cherished keepsake. Whether hung in a home, office, or place of worship, this Celtic Wall Cross serves as a meaningful reminder of faith, heritage, and the enduring beauty of Celtic craftsmanship.