Celtic Peacock Barrette Handcrafted by Oberon Design

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■ Celtic barrette handmade from 100% Britannia metal, ideal for prolonged wear

■ Design inspired by Irish manuscripts, depicting a Celtic peacock, symbol of foresight

■ Holds ponytails, bun, and braids in place with ease, measuring 3.1 x 1 inches

■ Secure 2.75” clip mechanism with a tension rod that offers hairstyle stability


Is there a better way to elevate your style in a subtle yet meaningful way than choosing our Celtic Peacock Barrette Handcrafted by Oberon Design! This barrette is expertly hand-crafted from 100% Britannia metal, a durable, vintage-looking material that is highly appreciated in the world of jewelry and accessories. With an elaborate design, taking inspiration from ancient Irish religious manuscripts, this hair clip showcases an embossed Celtic peacock. This elegant animal has been associated with foresight, as Celts once believed the ‘eyes’ on its tail allow the peacock to look in the future and guide them. This Celtic barrette hair clip is crafted with both symbolism and practicality in mind. Measuring 3.1 x 1 inches, it perfectly holds any hairstyle you love, from ponytails to buns and braids. The clip mechanism, measuring 2.75”, features a tension rod that ensures each hair strand will stay in place. You can get matching barrettes for you and your lady friends or even add some Celtic hair elastics to your collection for the complete set!