Royal Tara Scottish Christmas Bauble Set of 7

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■ Set of 7 baubles, with four different designs that showcase different elements of culture: bagpipe, Celtic cross, red dragon and Scottish thistle, each with its own symbolistic
■ Handcrafted from 100% bone china, luxurious material that guarantees a long term experience, with no worries of easy breaking or chipping
■ Each bauble 7.5 cm in diameter and is packed in its own, eye-appealing box with an extra red, satin ribbon for hanging


Getting ready for the winter Holiday season is a joyful process and our Royal Tara Scottish Christmas Bauble Set of 7 can help you to make the best out of it! This set contains 7 baubles: 2 with a pipe bag illustration, 2 with a Celtic cross, 2 with a red dragon and 1 with the Scottish thistle. All of the items are packed separately, in cardboard boxes that mimic their design, perfect for gifting. Each bauble is 7.5 cm round and is provided with a red, satin ribbon for hanging. Handcrafted from 100% bone china, each bauble is durable and resistant so you can enjoy them for many Christmases from now on. The designs are unitary, but each of them displays another element of Scottish culture: the bagpipe is the typical wind instrument, very representative, the Celtic cross symbolizes Christian faith (the reason for the season), the red dragon brings history, as it symbolized Scottish royalty for hundreds of years and the purple thistle represents the national flower of Scotland, also associated with royalty and pride. Get both into the Christmas and Scottish spirit with these beautiful baubles, that encapsulate both the joy of the season and Scotland’s heritage. This set is perfect for your own Christmas tree or to be gifted to a loved one.