Irish Tin Whistle Set of 2 Key "D" and "C"

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■ Proudly made in Ireland, this set of 2 whistles in keys D and C boasts an elegant nickel finish, showcasing the hallmark of Irish craftsmanship

■ The Key of D whistle offers a rich, well-rounded tone, while the Key of C whistle delivers impressive precision, creating a harmonious duo

■ The robust tone of the D whistle is achieved through a heavier barrel design which features a double nickel-plating

■ These whistles capture the spirit of Irish musical tradition, making them a cherished gift for musicians and enthusiasts alike


Embark on a journey through Irish musical heritage with our Set of 2 Irish Tin Whistle "D" and "C". This collection showcases two meticulously crafted Irish whistles with a nickel finish, each with its own captivating appeal. The D whistle boasts a rounded, robust tone, complemented by the Key of C whistle's remarkable clarity and precision. The D whistle's robust tones are achieved through its unique double nickel-plated design which creates a heavier barrel. Whether you're new to music or an experienced player, this set is a lasting companion, promising years of harmonious melodies. These whistles represent a rich legacy of Irish artistry and tradition, making this set a wonderful choice as a gift.