Gold Plated Lucky Shamrock Necklace

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■  Charming Gold Plated Irish Necklace, made in Ireland, by Solvar

■  Classic, yet timeless shamrock design - one of the oldest symbols of Ireland

■  Measurements: 0.47” x 0.47” with an 18” chain

■  Care recommendations: wipe clean with a soft cloth; avoid exposure to moisture


Get lucky with our adorable Gold Plated Lucky Shamrock Necklace! This simple, yet charming piece of jewelry will be the perfect addition to your collection or a lovely gift for a dear one. Our necklace consists of two pieces: a pendant and a chain. Both of them are gold plated, for a luxurious look that will turn all the heads. This makes it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!


The pendant is shaped like a three leaves shamrock, which is by far Ireland's most well-known symbol, as well as a symbol of good luck. The shamrock is a symbol that has been associated with Ireland and Irish culture for many centuries. According to a Christian story, Saint Patrick, the spiritual patron of Ireland, himself used the shamrock when bringing Christianity to the Irish pagans. He used the leaves to explain the Holy Trinity, which consists of the father, son, and Holy Spirit. It is also considered a symbol of rebirth and renewal and is often associated with the coming of spring. Gold-plated jewelry requires gentle care.


Simply swipe clean with a soft cloth to remove any dirt and try to avoid prolonged exposure to humidity as much as possible. Avoiding abrasive or harsh chemicals is a must.