Irish Trinity Ring Suncatcher 7.5"

Irish Trinity Ring Suncatcher 7.5"

Item# BOES007
Why We Love This
- Our Irish suncatcher is crafted from high-quality stained glass, a durable material used in the creation of beautiful works of art

- The design showcases the Celtic Triquetra, a representation of life, death, and rebirth, and the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity

- Measuring 7 ˝” in diameter, this stunning glass panel is perfectly sized for hanging on windows, porches, or in gardens

- Whether as a thoughtful housewarming gift or an addition to your decor, our suncatcher will bring Celtic charm to anyone’s home

Product Details

Our Irish Trinity Ring Suncatcher is a radiant addition to any space. Crafted from beveled stained glass, renowned for its beauty and strength, this suncatcher boasts exceptional craftsmanship for long-lasting charm. Its design features the meaningful Triquetra symbol in green and yellow hues, representing life, death, and rebirth, or the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The panel measures 7 ˝” in diameter and comes with a chain for hanging, perfect for windows, porches, or gardens, adding a touch of Celtic charm to your surroundings. Whether as a thoughtful housewarming gift or a unique decor piece for yourself, this suncatcher elevates any space. Embrace its versatility – let it catch the sunlight, create an inviting atmosphere, and infuse your space with Celtic heritage.
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