Irish Paddy Bear Travel Mug / Cup

Irish Paddy Bear Travel Mug / Cup

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Why We Love This
Comfortable Travel Mug

Designed with Shamrock Details and Paddy Bear

Easy to Use and Carry

Product Details

  • The Irish Paddy Bear Travel Mug and Cup feature our beloved childhood favorite character giving anyone the feel of childhood memories.
  • This mug is an ideal travel companion for your kids without worrying for spills during long trips because of the leak-proof lid.
  • The travel mug is 100% Made in Ireland, and the design is carefully crafted by the famous Dublin-based gift company.
  • Get closer to your inner childhood with Paddy the Bear and his mischievous antics reflected by his seemingly innocent posture.
  • This travel mug and cup can be the perfect gift to your kids or your kid’s friends because of its deep representation of a lovable childhood character.
Paddy is the first and the only original Irish bear associated with the Irish culture. He wears a green waistcoat and a Leprechaun hat to resemble the deep connection of the Irish people to its cultural inheritance. And this bear is not only cute and cuddly, but he appears as one of the most lovable characters giving life to the real identity of the nation. Besides being mischevious, Paddy the Bear also brings a different level of childlike persona to the nation’s identity. He is lovable, and a profound amination makes him attractable to anyone who wants to get a close look at what the cultural heritage of Ireland is.

The Irish Paddy Bear Travel Mug and Cup is the perfect addition to your Irish related dinnerware. Not only does it reflect a deep-seated patriotism, but the design of the travel cup is an ideal representation of anyone's inner child. The mug exudes the warmth of Ireland with a green colored drinking spout and a touch or shamrock rain around Paddy the Bear. The signage close to Paddy carries the name of “Ireland,” a short but sweet message from the bear who stands innocently but might be up to something. The Irish Paddy Bear Travel Mug/Cup is not only made for kids-use but can be a travel buddy for anyone. It is a 100% Ireland product designed and manufactured by the Shamrock Gift Company in Dublin, Ireland.

This travel mug is a perfect companion during your kid’s travels or a wonderful gift for birthdays and special holidays. It features a beloved childhood character and the touch of green truly bring the warmness of the Irish traditions.

You and your kids can bring this travel mug anywhere without worrying for spills. The green colored lid is reminiscent of the countryside forests. Bring this mug anywhere and keep your favorite beverage warm while on the go!
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