Classic Aran Cable Coat

Classic Aran Cable Coat

Classic Aran Cable Coat
Item# ML120
What Customers Are Saying
Excellent fit, quality, and style. Couldn't be happier with my choice! Exceeded my already very high expectations.

Product Details

  • 100% Merino Wool traps your body heat to keep you warm during the cold season while wicking away sweat to keep you dry.
  • You can dress this sweater up or you can dress it down depending on your mood, it pairs with anything.
  • Made by Alison Fullum Gogan and her team in Boyne Valley Co.Meath, Ireland, where her sheep can be found happily grazing.
  • The wool for our Maire Irish Sweater was hand spun and hand knitted by Alison and her team of yarn workers.
  • The Aran cable stitch, honeycomb stitch, and diamond stitch can be found knit into our plush luxury sweater.
Just from looking at our Maire Irish Sweater you can tell how much dedication was put into every stitch. Our gorgeous sweater is a classic Irish Aran sweater design mixing different stitches to create an overall look. Instantly, the cable stitch at the center of this luxury sweater catches your eye, then upon further inspection, the rest of the sweater comes into view. All of the pieces crafted by Boyne Valley are made with care and thought and you can tell by the intricate designs found in their work.

The center cable stitch is framed by two more smaller cable stitches, adding dimension to front print. Those smaller cables are then framed by a latticework of honeycomb stitches. At the base of the sweater, a multitude of smaller cable stitches create a band around the hips, keeping the sweater nice and snug to the body. On the sleeves, a diamond pattern can be seen starting from the top of the shoulders to the wrists. Small cable stitches run lengthwise down the arms. The neckline on this sweater is a thick turtleneck that folds over. You won't have to worry about a chill creeping down your neck during the winter.

You can really see the plush nature of this Aran sweater, and how texturized it is just from pictures alone. And the !00% Merino Wool makes sure that this sweater is just as soft as it looks. Layer this sweater over top of your favorite long dress, or pair it with your favorite jeans. Enjoy nice long walks without worrying about being affected by the cold. However, you wear it this sweater will keep you warm and comfortable while you do.

The quality of a sweater is truly based on the wool it is made from. And that wool is cultivated by the sheepherders who put the time and dedication into their sheep. One such person is Alison Fullum Gogan, who runs a farm in Boyne Valley Co. Meath, Ireland. On her farm, you can find sheep grazing in the pastures of Boyne Valley. Her most notable sheep are her Jacob Sheep. The can be spotted by their distinctive black spots that stand out against their white fleece. Their history dates back to the Bible in A.D. times where they are described as a part of Jacobís flock in the Book of Genesis.

Alisonís sheep have won second place in the All Ireland Flock assessments due to her care and dedication. And Alison and her team donít stop at just raising the sheep. They also complete the entire process to get the fleece from the sheep and into a garment for wear. They start off by first shearing the sheep, being careful to hold sheep in positions that make shearing easy and keeps them from moving too much. Then, they begin the process of sorting the fleece. Depending on the placement on the body, the fleece can be shorter or longer, and softer or grittier.

They have to skirt the wool, tossing the most matted pieces until they are left with higher quality wool pieces. After removing the undesirable pieces they start to card the fleece. The act of carding simply means brushing the fleece to prepare it for spinning, and the spinning is where they turn it into yarn. Alice and her team hand spin their yarn giving it that extra personal touch before they knit it into garments to wear.
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