Leprechaun Bird Feeder

Leprechaun Bird Feeder

Item# BOE60038
Why We Love This
Made from resin with a protective coating to protect it from sun, rain, and snow

Beautifully Designed decor item and bird feed

Featuring the Famous Leprechaun

Product Details

  • Amazing Leprechaun Bird Feeder offers a comfortable place for birds to rest on your garden while improving your gardenís attractiveness.
  • This awesome Leprechaun Bird Feeder is made from resin with a protective coating to protect it from the elements for durability.
  • Our lovely Leprechaun Bird Feeder measures 36 inches for the stake and 7 inches for the leprechaun figure, ideal for any garden set up.
  • This Leprechaun Bird Feeder has a leprechaun figure that represents good fortune and luck, making this craft perfect for gifting.
  • Our cute Leprechaun Bird Feeder is an authentic product from Ireland designed and crafted by some of the best Irish artisans.
Get this amazing Leprechaun Bird Feeder that gives all the visiting birds a comfortable place to rest while at the same time adding an appealing touch to your garden. Made from resin, our Leprechaun Bird Feeder come in unique blue/green/teal colors that will bring a new glow to your garden.

Our lovely Leprechaun Bird Feeder is made in resin with a protective coating to protect it from all the elements including water, sunshine, and the birds themselves. This is a bird feeder that will serve you for quite some time before surrendering to the elements. Its also designed with a reasonable surface area that birds would love to hang onto.

This wonderful Leprechaun Bird Feeder has a 36-inch stake with a 7-inch leprechaun figure that fits perfectly into any garden setting without being obstructive. Its size also makes it blend perfectly with other plants and accessories in the garden. This amazing Leprechaun Bird Feeder can be fitted anywhere in the outdoors.

Our stunning Leprechaun Bird Feeder comes with a leprechaun figure that carries deep Irish cultural significance. The leprechauns are mystic creatures that lived in enchanted forests in traditional Irish Folklore. They were known to make shoes during their free time, and always carried a pot of gold. Treasure hunter followed the sound made from making to shoes to locate the leprechauns for their gold. Leprechauns in Irish culture are known to bring good luck and fortune. Therefore, having this Leprechaun Bird Feeder in your garden is sure to bring some good tidings.

This iconic Leprechaun Bird Feeder due to its cultural significance and aesthetic design is ideal for gifting. Give it to a treasured friend or family member for good luck or fortunes. They will be reminded of your generosity.

This unique, authentic Leprechaun Bird Feeder is sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Keilys is renowned for supplying quality authentic Irish crafts. They are devoted to promoting Irish culture through their products. They get their crafts from some of the leading craft artisans in Ireland.
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