Aran Fisherman Cable Sweater

Aran Fisherman Cable Sweater

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Why We Love This
- Beautifully knit of 100% Fisherman wool, a naturally soft and warm material, ideal for all-year wear

- Takes inspiration from authentic Aran knitwear pieces, featuring diamond, honeycomb, cable, and moss stitches

- This Aran sweater has a relaxed fit and incorporates a classy crewneck, ribbed cuffs, and hem

- Our exquisite Irish jumper makes a unique and culturally inspired gift from Ireland, ideal for any occasio

Product Details

Our exquisite Aran Fisherman Cable Sweater is a celebration of Irelandís timeless knitting traditions! The sweater is carefully knit of 100% Fisherman wool, a high-quality natural material that is ethically sourced from sheep, providing a fully vegan and eco-conscious choice for you and your loved ones. Pure virgin wool is super-fine and soft, providing a pleasant experience whether you wear it directly on your skin or layered over another piece of clothing. Besides that, it is incredibly durable and resistant, guaranteeing to be part of your wardrobe for many years to come. Its moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and heat-insulating qualities make this sweater a great addition to wear all year round - it will keep you dry and cool during those hot summer days, and warm when temperatures start to drop. What makes this gorgeous sweater even better is its culturally significant design - it is inspired by authentic Aran knitwear. The traditional Aran sweaters were commonly knit by the wives and sisters of the Irish fishermen, starting with the end of the 19th century, with the purpose of keeping them protected from the cold during their sea ventures. These knitted pieces incorporate various patterns, called Aran stitches, that add an extra layer of warmth and breathability. Besides that, each stitch tells its own unique story, making the sweaters more special. The cable stitch mirrors the ropes used by the brave Irish fishermen and symbolizes a wish for safety at sea. The diamond patterns represent a prayer for success and a bountiful catch. The honeycomb design is thought to be an ode brought to the prolific beekeeping industry of the Aran islands, suggesting that after a well-done work, there will always be sweet rewards. As for the moss, it resembles the lush carrageen moss that can be found on the cliffs and stones throughout Ireland. The sweater has a relaxed fit and boyfriend-style design, providing movement and flexibility. It incorporates a classic crew neckline which is ideal for layering - you can pair this sweater with jeans and a shirt for a relaxed look, or wear it over a floral dress for a cottage-core look. Whether you get this Aran jumper for yourself or for a dear person in your life, it will surely impress anyone with its unmatched softness, practicality, and exquisite design.
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