SAOL Ladies Double Collar Zip Cardigan

SAOL Ladies Double Collar Zip Cardigan

Item# ML106

Product Details

  • SAOL: leading manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear
  • 100% fine Merino Wool - soft, warm, comfortable and breathable
  • Colors: grey, charcoal; sizes: from XS to XXL
  • Irish design, cable pattern for good fortune & blackberry stitch - sign of nature
  • Full front zipper, two front pockets, tailored waist
  • A great addition to your closet this winter - our SAOL Ladies Double Collar Zip Cardigan is a lovely combination of functionality and style!

    SAOL is a leading manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear, which draws its inspiration from the authentic Irish art of knitting. This cardigan is made of 100% premium Merino wool and is a soft, comfortable and warm piece that can be worn all day long as it is naturally breathable. It is the perfect piece for winter that you can wear anywhere with no worries of the cold. A large variety of sizes is provided, from XS to XXL. The cardigan comes in 2 colours: grey and charcoal, making it easy to find the one that suits you

    The design is both functional and stylish. A full front zipper allows you to zip the cardigan for some extra warmth. Another handy feature are the two front pockets, with reinforced rib knitting. The design is a homage to traditional Irish knitting patterns: the cable is a symbol of good fortune, while the blackberry stitch is a sign of nature. A tailored waist was designed for giving an effortlessly feminine look. The zipper has the shape of a Celtic knot, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the Christian faith in Ireland.
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