LED Neon Irish Pub Clock

LED Neon Irish Pub Clock

LED Neon Irish Pub Clock
Item# BOE838
Why We Love This
The LED Neon Irish Pub Clock is designed with a touch of class that is always imitated but cannot be duplicated.

Our lovely LED Neon Irish Pub Clock will make any of your rooms complete with this clock hanging on the wall.

The LED Neon Irish Pub Clock is delivered to your home along with an informative shamrock history card and multiple freebies.

Our LED Neon Irish Pub Clock is measured 15 inches in diameter and has a beautiful led neon ring of 12 inches.

The LED Neon Irish Pub Clock package does not need an AC adapter to light up the clock as it is battery powered.

Product Details

Make every home stand out with this LED Neon Irish Pub Clock. The clock exhibits a ring of green led neon surrounding surface and black housing which is made of thick acrylic.

Modeled after the classic motif of the Bridgets of Erin, our hand-made LED Neon Irish Pub Clock was crafted using a multi-stage process to come up with a piece that clearly represents the sophisticated culture and heritage of the Celtic people.

Initially, our team of skilled artisans fudged together an exquisite circular surface and designed the iconic shamrock symbol to characterize the three different Celtic worlds. In addition, we also engraved the iconic pattern of “singing, dancing, closed during mass” on our LED Neon Irish Pub Clock to make the item truly one of a kind.

The LED neon design is a lot less fragile than regular neon tubes and will last for a very long time. Our multi-talented artists also put into use acrylic that comes in a higher quality of pigment and is way beyond the standards of the industry.

Our LED Neon Irish Pub Clock is also built using a high-precision quartz clock with sweep technology which simply means that it won’t blast an annoying tick-tock noise. It also comes with a remarkable pull-chain which makes it easier for anyone to switch the clock on and off or hang it over the wall of any garage, workshop, diner, or a bar.

Our LED Neon Irish Pub Clock is also extremely versatile and can be powered by using only 3xAA batteries. Also, it comes in a safe packaging and nice presentation that will make any homeowner look for more designs at Keilys Irish Dance & Gifts.
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