Lavender Bamboo Throw

Lavender Bamboo Throw

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Samuel Lamontís Bamboo Throws are an ideal room accent, whether draping it across the foot of a bed or keeping it handy on the couch for cozying up with for an added layer of warmth.

The bold lavender and white checkered pattern nods to traditional Irish plaids while updating the color palate for modern sensibilities.

Woven from 100% brushed bamboo, these blankets are hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin, and luxuriously soft.

Tassel edges provide an added texture to the geometric pattern of the blanket, making the bamboo throw a refined choice to anyone looking to upgrade the home.

Founded in 1830, Samuel Lamont has become one of Northern Irelandís premier household textile companies known for their contemporary style and heard-wearing craftsmanship.

Measures 120cm x 150cm.
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