Tree of Life Ponytail Holder Handcrafted by Oberon Design

Tree of Life Ponytail Holder Handcrafted by Oberon Design

Item# OD-PBP21
Why We Love This
- Carefully made from elastic and lead-free Britannia metal through a hand-casting process, ensuring quality

- Embellished with a captivating Celtic Tree of Life design, symbolizing interconnectedness and harmony

- With a diameter of 1.25 inches and a weight of 0,4 oz, this ponytail holder offers versatility, accommodating various hair types and thicknesses with ease

- This meticulously handcrafted Celtic ponytail holder serves as a perfect Celtic-inspired gift

Product Details

Indulge in the essence of Celtic mystique and artisanal craftsmanship with our exquisite Tree of Life Ponytail Holder Handcrafted by Oberon Design. Each piece is meticulously handmade from elastic and lead-free Britannia metal, ensuring high quality and durability. The design features the iconic Celtic Tree of Life, a symbol deeply rooted in ancient Celtic culture, representing interconnectedness, balance, and the eternal cycle of life. Measuring a diameter of 1.25 inches, this Celtic ponytail holder effortlessly accommodates various hair types and styles, providing a secure and stylish way to keep your hair in place. Whether you have thick, luscious curls or sleek, straight strands, this accessory promises versatility and elegance. Perfect as a present for a loved one or a treat for yourself, this ponytail holder embodies the essence of Celtic beauty and craftsmanship. It serves as a reminder of the rich history and spiritual significance of the Celtic Tree of Life, making it a meaningful addition to any accessory collection. Worn casually or for special occasions, this handcrafted hairpiece is sure to bring admiration and appreciation.
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