Riverdance 10th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack Bill Whelan

Riverdance 10th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack Bill Whelan


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Composed by the acclaimed Bill Whelan, Riverdance is the album of the music from the smash hit show of the same name currently taking the world by storm. A rich blend of Irish music and dance, Riverdance - the show and the album - are already a European phenomenon. The album is now triple platinum in Ireland and fast-approaching platinum in the U.K. Riverdance is a living tribute to Ireland's rich cultures, traditions, blending centuries-old instrumentation with contemporary sounds and styles.

Reel Around the Sun • Shivna • The Countess Cathleen / Women of the Sidhe • Caoineadh Cú Chulaínn • Firedance • The Heart's Cry • Riverdance • American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set) • Lift The Wings • Slip Into Spring/The Harvest • Andaluçia • Macedonian Morning • Marta's Dance / The Russian Dervish • Heal Their Hearts/Freedom• Riverdance (Dance Reprise)

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