Book of Kells Ireland Celtic Men's Hoodie Grey

Book of Kells Ireland Celtic Men's Hoodie Grey

Item# BK5060
Why We Love This
- Material: Made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this hoodie is both stylish and comfortable.

- Book of Kells Design: Our hoodie features interweaving Celtic patterns and striking intricate knotwork design inspired by the Book of Kells.

- Cozy Hood: This hoodie also comes with a cozy hood that will keep you warm and snug throughout the day.

- Functional Front Pocket: Features a front pocket that can help in carrying your phone or wallet.

Product Details

Adorn yourself with a piece of Irish culture and history with our Book of Kells Men’s Hoodie. The design is a tribute to the Book of Kells, an ancient Irish illuminated manuscript renowned for its intricate artwork. Written by Irish monks around the year 800 AD, the book illustrates the four Gospels of the Christian New Testament and unique Celtic knotwork.

The blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester is both breathable and comfortable, combining fashion with coziness into a single piece. The cotton is heat-insulating and feels great against the skin, while the polyester keeps the hoodie lightweight, durable, and flexible.

This piece of clothing also features a hood that will keep you warm throughout the day and a front pocket for you to hold all of your belongings. Our hoodie is not only a great way to make a fashion statement but is also versatile enough to be worn for every occasion.

This piece makes for the perfect gift for any lover of Irish history, and it’s sure to earn its place in anyone’s wardrobe.
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