Marcasite & Marble Shamrock Silver Necklace

Marcasite & Marble Shamrock Silver Necklace

Item# S44877
Why We Love This
Charming pendant, made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelers

Made with Sterling Silver, Connemara Marble, and Marcasite Gemstones

Measurements: chain - 18”, pendant - 0.74” x 0.51”

The perfect accessory and gift from Ireland, made in an authentic style

Product Details

Complete your jewelry collection with this beautiful Marcasite & Marble Shamrock Silver Necklace! Besides being an exquisite piece of jewelry, our pendant also carries cultural significance. The base of the pendant is made from high-quality Sterling Silver, which guarantees long-lasting durability. The center is made from authentic Connemara Marble, also known as “Irish green”. It is said that you can see the true beauty of Irish nature in any piece of Connemara Marble. As a last detail, the pendant is accented with Marcasite Gemstones. According to some beliefs, marcasite is associated with wisdom and bravery. Our pendant embodies the pride and beauty of being Irish, which makes it an ideal gift for a loved one, perfect for any occasion. In order to properly take care of it, simply clean it in warm water, with soape, when needed. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture. This piece was made in Ireland, by Solvar Jewelers, a leading manufacturer of Irish jewelry.
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