Welsh Brew Tea

Welsh Brew Tea

Item# CL-89-500
Why We Love This
- Welsh brew tea with 50 bags (4.4 ounces ) of strong, rich aromas, ideal for relaxation

- Reusable metal tin with curved edges and a round lid that keeps the tea fresh

- Design features the Welsh dragon, a heraldic symbol, as well as Celtic knotwork

- Flavorful blend with a red color and a soothing finish, great for tea-enthusiasts

Product Details

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your tea collection, choose our authentic Welsh Brew Tea! This tea tin comes with 50 bags of a delicious blend with a rich flavor, ideal for starting your day or cozying up with a good book. The 4.4 ounces of tea comes in a reusable metal tin with elegant curved edges and a unique round lid. This container serves a double purpose: guaranteeing to keep the blend fresh for a long period of time, while also serving as a vessel for jewelry and trinkets. What makes this Welsh blend even more special is the design. The Welsh dragon proudly displayed on all sides of the tin is a heraldic symbol that alludes to national pride. The Trinity knots in the corners are a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, while the intertwining loops represent the connection of all things in the universe. Gift this Welsh brew tea tin to your loved ones or add it to your collection together with a matching Welsh teabag holder!
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