Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder With 5 Hooks

Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder With 5 Hooks

Item# RE1986-S
Why We Love This
Made of High-Quality Brass for Durability

Designed with Satin Nickel Color and Claddagh Symbol

Vintage and Good looking Key Holder with 5 Hooks

Product Details

  • Our classic Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder is an Authentic Irish product designed and made in America.
  • Our Satin Nickel key holder bears traditional European Claddagh emblem that represents loyalty, love, and friendship in Irish culture.
  • Designed with four hooks for better organization, with this key holder, you will have a place to keep all your essential home, work, and car keys.
  • Our Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Keyholder has a unique vintage appeal and is made from Brass with satin nickel color.
  • Due to its cultural value, unique antique design, and striking good looks, this brass Claddagh stain nickel key holder makes a perfect gift.
Get this amazing Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder by Robert Emmet co. This prehistoric style key holder designed with a Claddagh emblem has deep historical significance to the people of Ireland. In ancient Irish culture, the Claddagh emblem symbol was reserved for royalty and used mostly in rings. The holding hands' symbol represented loyalty, love, and friendship. The Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder is the perfect gift for someone you value or hold dear to show love, friendship, and loyalty.

The Claddagh emblem symbol used on this Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder has a long history. It was first used on a group of European rings known as fede, Italian for hands that are joined through loyalty and faith. The fede rings are so deep-rooted in European culture that it is believed they date back to the Roman empire. In Roman traditions, the clasping hands were representative of pledging vows and were commonly used in engagement and wedding rings. While the true origin of the Claddagh symbol is vague it is believed to have first been produced in the 1700s on a ring. The name Claddagh was first used to refer to this symbol in 1830. There are also several myths that surround the ring and the symbol. However, it believed that its first true origin was Claddagh a small remote fishing village in Galway.

Today, the Claddagh symbol is common in all kind of crafts, jewelry, and accessories. Depending on the producer and region, the Claddagh symbol is used with a combination of Christian and Celtic Irish symbols.

This classic Brass Claddagh Satin Nickel Key Holder is made in the USA by Robert Emmet Company. The Robert Emmet Company was founded in 1987 by Robert Emmet Reilly. Mr. Robert Emmet was a staunch student of Irish Culture and Heritage, that led him to build a business around his passion. After realizing the demand for Irish Gifts products in America was too big for Ireland, he set up his first US-based company, in the market. The business is currently run by his son, Tom Reilly after Robert passed away in 2001. The Robert Emmet Company currently produces more than 300 products available in hundreds of retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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