AB Diamante 5 Bar Buckles

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■ Set of 2 buckles
■ These Irish Dance shoe buckles feature an elegant rectangular base design that is not only distinguished but slightly curved to show off the wonderful AB crystal rhinestones.
■ These gorgeous buckles will truly take any pair of dancing shoes from dull to dazzling with a stunning AB crystal bar design. At the center of each buckle are five AB crystal bars that boast lovely facet designs exuding pure radiance. These bars are bordered by circular 6-mm AB crystal rhinestones that round out the spectacular look of these buckles.
■ These show-stopping shoe buckles are an iridescent dream, as they emanate with entrancing shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink, allowing these buckles to complement shoes and dance outfits of any color, especially rich jewel tones!
■ Getting these beaming buckles on your shoes is easy. Simply thread the laces of each shoe through the arm brace located at the back of each buckle.
■ Crafted with the utmost quality, these shoe buckles are made by Antonio Pacelli, an amazing brand that has been making Irish dance shoes, pumps, socks, and accessories for over four decades and is based in England.

If you’re an Irish dance performer who likes to look as great as you dance, then these AB Diamante 5 Bar Buckles are a must-have accessory for you! These buckles feature a sophisticated rectangular base that is curved to show off the splendor of its mesmerizing crystal rhinestones. Front and center on each buckle are five AB crystal bars that shine like tantalizing gems. Bordering these five crystal bars are delicate circular 6-mm AB crystal rhinestones that shine just as beautifully as the bars. The “AB” in AB crystal rhinestones stands for “Aurora Borealis,” which is another name for northern lights, which these crystal rhinestones undeniably resemble. Designed with a special coating, AB crystals generate an arresting array of colors, with the AB stones in this buckle set emanating an entrancing mix of blue, purple, green, pink, and yellow hues that delight the eye. This lovely rainbow of colors will certainly have any pair of jig shoes gleaming on stage! Fastening these buckles to your shoes is a breeze, as the buckles are designed with an arm brace at the back through which shoe laces are threaded for securement. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned Irish dancer, these AB Diamante 5 Bar Buckles will have you shining like a star!